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  • Coalition Members at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa
  • USDOT Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets
  • Alert Today Florida at the Dolphin Cycling Challenge
  • Every Life Counts, be aware of pedestrians and bicycles on the road!
  • The Alert Today Florida team distributing safety information and prizes at the University of South Florida, Tampa
  • Alert Today Florida team during the Tampa Bay Lightning Game
  • April Is Distracted Driver Awareness Month
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Florida Public Opinion Survey for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

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Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

The “Alert Today Alive Tomorrow” campaign is presented via TV, radio, social media, transit advertising, local education, and enforcement activities. In 2013, the media campaign was rolled out in the ten Florida counties with the highest numbers of pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities and injuries. The message that “Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident” is a reminder for all roadway users to pay attention and follow the rules of the road.

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FDOT Alerta Hoy Vivo Mañana PSA Tarjeta De Punta

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