Stop On Red Program

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Stop On Red

This safety outreach campaign was first conducted in August 2013 in partnership with the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition to raise awareness of both the law and the importance of stopping for all red lights.

Alert Today Florida has now joined the National Coalition for Safer Roads and Florida's Safe Mobility for Life Coalition to promote the 2017 National Stop on Red Campaign.

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Section 316.075(1)(c), Florida Statutes: Steady red — Vehicles shall stop before entering the crosswalk. After stopping on red, a driver making a permitted right turn must yield to pedestrians crossing as directed by the signal. Pedestrians shall not enter the roadway on red, unless otherwise directed by a pedestrian signal.

When approaching a signalized intersection you should ALWAYS be prepared to STOP on RED. Whenever you see a red ball OR red arrow it means that you MUST come to a complete stop before moving into the crosswalk or intersection.

After stopping, you may turn RIGHT on a red ball or red arrow ONLY if the way is clear of pedestrians, cars or bicyclists and there is no sign posted that prohibits a right turn.

ALWAYS remember you are sharing the road with other vulnerable road users, who don’t have the safety of a vehicle to protect them in a crash. ALWAYS be alert and prepared to stop for pedestrians or bicyclists along the roadway.

PEDESTRIANS: BE ALERT and PAY ATTENTION to cars and bicyclists before you enter the street/intersection.

Cross ONLY in a marked crosswalk when you see the “walking man” on the countdown pedestrian signal indicating pedestrians may safely cross the street.